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Meet The Team

Nickie Q,

Meet the owner & designer of Twisted Cuts. Nickie design and hand makes every piece of clothing that gets distributed. What started out as a hobby for her has now turned into a business. She puts a lot of hard work and thought that goes in to every aspect of the company. Nickie is very passionate about Twisted Cuts & enjoys getting to do what she loves everyday. 


In her personal time she loves to travel and has currently been to several different countries & brings her brand with her wherever she goes to share with other people. Reading & Film is a big part of her, she often says if she wasn't designing clothes for Twisted Cuts she would likely be doing something in the film industry.  

Twisted Cuts

Twisted Cuts, owned by a team of two sisters is the brain child of an idea & hobby turned into a business. Started in 2011 and growing everyday. 

Ashley Q.

Meet co-owner and creative director of Twisted Cuts. Ashley is an aspiring videographer and behind most of the digital and marketing aspect of the brand. She creates the videos, the graphic designs for logos, t-shirts, hats and banners. She is also in charge of advertising campaigns and marketing messages.  

Ashley holds a associates degree in liberal arts and Hawaiian studies, in addition she attended the University of West Oahu for business management and hopes to finish eventually. She also enjoys creating travel videos for her YouTube Chanel (ashkibbles) where she documents the adventures she’s been on around the world. She has been filming and editing videos for more than 10 years now.

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